Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

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Immigrant Stories: Bernardino Najera

Immigrant Stories: Bernardino Najera Bernardino “Berna” Najera is from San Luis Potosi, Mexico where he worked in agriculture, growing onions and tomatoes in his garden. Bernardino completed an Agriculture degree…
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Immigrant Stories: Alejandro Vasquez

Immigrant Stories: Alejandro Vasquez Alejandro Vasquez with his diploma in Bachelor’s Administration. Meet Alejandro Vazquez, the second oldest in a family of four. He was born in San Luis Potosi,…
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Immigrant Stories: Rocio Mosqueda

Immigrant Stories: Rocio Mosqueda Rocio and her family enjoying the Christmas season. Rocio Mosqueda was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, but moved early on in her childhood to Queretaro, Mexico where…
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Immigrant Stories: Zaily Mesa

Immigrant Stories: Zaily Mesa Zaily likes to spend time with her two children Meet Zaily Meza, known as “Zaelita” by friends and loved ones. Zaily and her family are from…
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Immigrant Stories: Yesdel Benitez

Immigrant Stories: Yesdel Benitez Yesdel Benitez was born in a small town called San Nicolas in Cuba, where most of his family resides today. Growing up, Yesdel had a normal…
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Immigrant Stories: Sanjuana Rodriguez

Immigrant Stories: Sanjuana Rodriguez Meet Sanjuana Rodriguez, or “Jenny” as her friends and family call her. Sanjuana was born and raised in Juarez, Mexico. Despite being surrounded by her family,…

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