Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

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Immigrant Stories: Juan Moises Soc Tajiboy

Immigrant Stories: Juan Moises Soc Tajiboy Juan Moises Soc Tajiboy was born in Guatemala, but moved to College Station about 17 years ago when he was about eight years old.…
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Immigrant Stories: Piña Flores

Immigrant Stories: Piña Flores Alondra Piña Flores left her home state of Guanajuato, Mexico and has been living in Texas since June of 2021. Life for Alondra in Guanajuato was…
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Immigrant Stories: Micaela Cervantes

Immigrant Stories: Micaela Cervantes Micaela Cervantes was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and moved to Bryan, Texas 23 years ago. Life in Mexico was good for Micaela since she was always…

Immigrant Stories: Esmeralda Cubillos

Immigrant Stories: Esmeralda Cubillos Meet Esmerelda Cubillos. She was born and raised in Mexico. Here, her life consisted of spending time with her family and going to school. Three months…
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Immigrant Stories: Luan Felipe Oliveira

Immigrant Stories: Luan Felipe Oliveira Meet Luan Felipe Oliveira, a native of Americana, Brazil, whose journey has taken him to various corners of his home country, including Campinas. In fact,…
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Immigrant Stories: Luz Suarez

Immigrant Stories: Luz Suarez Meet Luz Suarez. The third of a family of six siblings, she was born in Peru, and her childhood went through ups and downs due to…

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