Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

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Immigrant Stories: Melissa Dávila

Immigrant Stories: Melissa Dávila Adults who study English as a second language, at BIIN and elsewhere, do so for many different reasons.  Some are preparing for the naturalization exam.  Some want to…
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Immigrant Stories: Yesenia Aguilar

Yesenia Aguilar is a U.S. citizen, for she was born and began her life in Beaumont, Texas.  But when she was still a baby, her parents separated, and her mother…
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Immigrant Stories: Angela Suarez

Immigrating to the U.S. is a long, hard process, requiring years of effort, patience and persistence.  Angela Suarez knows, for she and her family have been taking the steps required…
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Immigrant stories: Jesús Alberto Pérez Delgado

Jesús Alberto Pérez Delgado had a rich and interesting life in Venezuela.  He had a good education and a rewarding career as a manager, administrator and executive, specializing in financial…
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Immigrant Stories: Rosa Lopez

Rosa Lopez grew up in Durango, Mexico and has many happy memories of life there.  But her life took an unexpected turn when her husband moved to central Texas, joining…

From Worker to Citizen: the Story of Teresa Gonzalez

Article written by Yvonne Reyes (KYR Intern) Mrs. Teresa Gonzalez is originally from Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico. She arrived in the United States in 1998, looking for a way to support herself. She first lived in…

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