Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

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Immigrant Stories: Enrique Espinoza

Enrique Espinoza has lived in Texas for several years, but he can still remember how confusing it was when he first arrived from Mexico. Even a simple task such as…
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New Video Featuring BIIN’s Citizenship Classes

Thank you Kimberly Lerma for the excellent video that showcases our citizenship classes! Thank you Carol Goldsmith, one of our amazing teachers, for explaining the program so well!  Please share our new…
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Immigrant Stories: Maryuri

Maryuri Nuñuz de Gonzalez is a student in our Conversational English Class this fall. She moved to the United States in 1998 from Venezuela to get her PhD at UC Davis…
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Immigrant Story: Paula Lira

Paula Lira is a student in our Conversation English Class this fall. She is from Monterrey, Mexico, and has lived in the United States since 2004. She loves attending class…
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Immigrant Story: Indiana

Meet Indiana. Indiana has been attending classes at Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network for several years with the goal of becoming a United States citizen. This summer, her hard work paid…
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Meet Nicolas

Friends,  Meet Nicolas. Nicolas is one of our hard-working students. He comes twice a week, every week, to our evening English classes. As a young child, his mother always told…

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