Immigrant Stories: Esmeralda Cubillos

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Immigrant Stories: Esmeralda Cubillos

Meet Esmerelda Cubillos. She was born and raised in Mexico. Here, her life consisted of spending time with her family and going to school. Three months ago, she made the move to the United States, a transition that initially seemed daunting, but Esmerelda says that she felt comfortable, because she had her sister by her side. This was very important and settling as family is extremely necessary to her.

At first, she was hesitant and nervous to come to BIIN, but now she can confidently say that she enjoys attending classes and knows that it will help her learn English, which she is adamantly set on doing. Despite this being her first time taking classes, she says she can already notice a difference in her level of English.  Initially, she found it challenging to grasp key phrases, but now she has expanded her vocabulary and can comfortably participate in everyday conversations—a notable accomplishment for her. The ESL classes have not only aided in building vocabulary and learning how to construct sentences, but they have also encouraged her to gain the confidence to start putting what she learns to practice with the teacher, volunteers, and her peers in the classroom. Seeing this progress is exciting as she wants to learn English to find a better job. Currently she works at Texas A&M, but she wants to find work that will support her and her family, especially her son who awaits her back in Mexico.

What she appreciates most about the classes at BIIN is the structured learning approach. She really likes that there is one person dedicated to explaining the topics, being the teacher, and after that, students put what they have learned straight to practice by speaking with one another. Having a dedicated teacher explaining concepts and interactive sessions where students practice conversations has been instrumental in her progress.

Esmerelda’s story showcases her determination to adapt and succeed in her new environment. Through education at BIIN, she’s not only learning a language but also gaining the confidence to pursue a brighter future for herself and her family.