The following pdf contains information in Spanish about what to do in the occasion that ICE comes knocking on your door. It is important to understand your rights and that you are in no way required to answer questions asked.

El documento incluido abajo contiene información sobre que hacer en la
ocasión de que la migra toque su puerta. Es importante entender sus derechos y que no es requirido contestar ninguna pregunta que le hagan.

KYRs (1)

KYR/Red Migrante Program

If you spot an ICE sighting, please call our 24/7 hotline number: 1-833-ICE-NADA.

Please follow our Facebook page, Red Migrante- Valle de Brazos for updates!

Red Migrante is a local effort to support immigrants in the Bryan/College Station area in cases of ICE raids by alerting the public of ICE presence and handling a Hotline for the community to call in case of ICE sightings. They are in need of volunteers.

If interested, please email