Jaimi Washburn – Program and Office Coordinator
  • Email: info@brazosimmigration.com
Adriana Sanchez Juarez– Website/IT (Intern)
  • For issues/suggestions with the website, contact: technologyintern@brazosimmigration.com
Teresa Suastes– Citizenship Class (Intern)
  • Email: teresa@brazosimmigration.com
Spencer J Horn– Conversation Partner (Intern)
  • Email: spencer@brazosimmigration.com
Jose Morales– Office/Volunteer (Intern)
  • Email: volunteerintern@brazosimmigration.com
Zoe Schneider– Conversation Partner (Intern)
  • Email: convopartner@brazosimmigration.com
Darcey Rydl– English for Parents (Intern)
  • Email: darcey@brazosimmigration.com
Suzett MolinaOffice/ Risk Management/ Outreach (Intern)
  • Email: suzett@brazosimmigration.com
Claudia Morales– Marketing (Intern)
  • Email: marketingintern@brazosimmigration.com
Cristian Grimaldo– Citizenship Class (Intern)
  • Email: cristian@brazosimmigration.com
Natalia Vargas- Hirschfeld– IRA/ Risk Management (Intern)
  • Email: natalia@brazosimmigration.com
Molly Murphy– Risk Management / Client Stories (Intern)
  • Email: molly@brazosimmigration.com