Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

Immigrant Stories: Blog Posts

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Immigrant Stories: Maria Ruiz

Immigrant Stories: Maria Ruiz On November 16, 2021 Maria Ruiz successfully completed the most daunting and difficult part of the American citizenship process: the USCIS naturalization test. Fresh from passing…
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Immigrant stories: Josefa Contreras Cuevas

Immigrant stories: Josefa Contreras Cuevas Josefa Contreras Cuevas is one of the students in the Level 2 Conversational English classes at BIIN, but her story is quite unique and sets…
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Immigrant Stories: Rafael Sepulveda

Immigrant Stories: Rafael Sepulveda Rafael Sepulveda is one the faithful few that have been attending the level 3 conversational English classes at BIIN this fall, and his hard work and…
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Immigrant Stories: Nicolas Aguirre

Immigrant Stories: Nicolas Aguirre Nicolas Aguirre shared his story with Carolina Kane, a BIIN intern in the summer of 2021, who wrote this profile. Originally from Guerrera, Mexico, Nicolas Aguirre…
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Immigrant Stories: Brenda Maldonado

Immigrant Stories: Brenda Maldonado A relatively new student to the BIIN community, Brenda has worked to take advantage of the resources BIIN provides. In January 2021, she began attending BIIN’s…
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Immigrant Stories: Leidy Lopez

Immigrant Stories: Leidy Lopez Originally from Colombia, Leidy Lopez moved to the Bryan/College Station area in October 2018. She moved here after her husband came to earn a doctorate at…

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