Looking for Spring 2024 Interns

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Looking for Spring 2024 Interns

Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network seeks unpaid interns each semester to help us run our programs. We are a local nonprofit with a mission to promote the human dignity and well-being of all immigrants in our community and to advocate for and facilitate better access to legal, educational and social services.

Because the need for our services has grown faster than our donation base, we have developed internship programs to increase our capacity to serve our clients. We are looking to fill key internship positions. While we can not afford to pay interns, BIIN offers a lot of hands-on experience they might not gain elsewhere, targeting a highly vulnerable population that is unique. Here are brief descriptions of internship opportunities and how to apply that you can share with interested students and community members. Please let us know if you have any possible candidates by writing to the email info@brazosimmigration.com.

The students interested can fill this form to apply for Spring 2024. 

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