Viviana Castillo: It’s Never Goodbye

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Viviana Castillo: It's Never Goodbye

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When I first joined BIIN in 2022 as an Americorp member I was asked why I applied and why the role was important to me. In that moment, I was an undergrad student in a way finding my place in the Bryan College Station community. I had volunteered at BIIN many times and my interactions with students made me feel at home many times. I saw my parents or myself reflected in the students, their hard work and dedication even after long days and weeks at work and still being resilient to come to an ESL class late at night or early on Saturday morning drove my passion. If they were going to show up, so was I. What kept me at BIIN after a year of serving definitely was the community, offering them a safe and familiar face was my goal after I had seen the big staff turnover that happens in the nonprofit world. The satisfaction of seeing many of my students accomplish their goals whether it was finding a better position at work because their English had improved or becoming naturalized in the U.S. Those moments to me have been the most precious and will be the ones that will always have me connected to BIIN. 

The time has come for my Americorp role to shift into solely a volunteer position in which my connection to BIIN and the community will continue on a smaller scale. My hope is to keep seeing the accomplishments of my students even if I am not always present. Getting random invitations to attend Naturalization Ceremonies and keep celebrating their accomplishment and BIIN’s amazing service. 

Like we normally say at BIIN. “BIIN volunteers are different, they stay and are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed” I’ve enjoyed my time as an Americorp member and program coordinator and I take with me the love of the community and my team. 

Viviana Castillo