BIIN on the move!

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BIIN on the move!

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In response to a request from Grace Bible Church, BIIN has moved from its original office to a new location on the church campus.  Since the church will be using the gymnasium to house a new “Midtown” Bilingual Congregation, they asked BIIN to vacate the old office so that it could be allocated to their new pastor, Carlos Zazueta. Under the new lease, BIIN has full use of two spaces joined by a hallway in the Kirk Brown Building, just behind the original building.
Thanks to quick action by Director Jaimi Washburn and help from a number of volunteers, we were able to clean the new office space, have it professionally painted, pack and move all of BIIN’s furniture, office equipment, files and materials, and sweep out the old office space — all in under one month!  Kudos to Jaimi for meeting multiple times with church personnel, finding a painter who could get the work done in the small window of time available before the move, recruiting volunteers and orchestrating the many details involved in organizing the move.
Linda Ford and Janet Morford stepped up to clean windows, floors, sinks and closets, and collected boxes, in preparation for the move.  Special thanks to Sam and Belinda Cutrone for bringing moving equipment and taking charge of moving the heaviest items.  Thanks also to the following people who packed, carted, unloaded and stored items under the direction of the Cutrones and Jaimi on May 16:  Rich Woodward, Esmeralda Casas, Jackie Zimmerman, Mollie and Caleb Fitzpatrick, Mark Lacey, and Dave Washburn. Even when you are just moving around the corner, it takes a village, and fortunately, we have a generous one!
Volunteer Linda Ford washes layers of dust from the windows in a pre-move cleaning blitz. The mural on the wall in the outdoor passageway stands as a reminder that the building was formerly used for St. Michael's Episcopal School.
Here are some photos and directions, to help orient you to BIIN’s new office:

To find the new BIIN office, instead of turning on Williamson Drive, you may want to enter the Grace Bible Church campus directly from College Avenue, where you see this sign:

As you pull into the College Avenue parking lot, you will see this wooden kiosk and the Kirk Brown building at the back of the lot:

Walk towards the picnic table on the left side.  You’ll see that there is a passageway between the two halves of the building:

The first door on the left is the entrance to BIIN’s offices.  Once inside, you’ll see that BIIN has two adjoining rooms, connected by a short hallway.  One of the rooms, which looks out onto the parking lot, has a chalkboard and a white board, which will come in handy for classes and meetings:

The other room, which is slightly larger, has a big storage closet, a high ceiling and a door outside to a small balcony:

BIIN will be adding new signage in coming weeks to make the office more visible for visitors.  If any volunteers are interested in working on sprucing up the gardens that are visible outside the windows, reach out to Jaimi at

Thanks again to all of the staff and volunteers who helped BIIN make this move on short notice and at a busy time of year.  We look forward to settling into our new office space and being able to make it work for our purposes!

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