ComUnidad with BIIN

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ComUnidad with BIIN

From our Outreach team:

Hello again to everyone! We at BIIN have been incredibly busy during March ensuring that we continue to be an organization with a strong presence within the community. At the very beginning of March, we had the opportunity to participate and be a host site for ComUnidad 2024. ComUnidad resulted in a successful event that helped aid in the beautification of BIIN.

ComUnidad 2024 was a non-stop work day. We arrived at 8 am and got ready by preparing all the materials needed for the projects we hoped to complete that day. We had a garden and landscape improvement project, an interior upgrades project, and a cleaning and upkeep project that all focused on improving the overall spaces of BIIN and creating a space that people are proud, excited, and happy to walk into. 

More than 20 students arrived ready to work. We were excited to see that the students were all part of The Mexican Student Association. The students were excited to help, enjoying the projects assigned to them, and had a lot of fun completing projects. We had our “Where are you from,” map updated and revamped, we improved our garden beds to be full of color, and we improved the indoor spaces of BIIN to create a vibrant, welcoming space. While students were working, you could see the cheerful faces of the volunteers working, having fun, and singing to the varying types of music playing in the different rooms. This type of experience is what brings people together. BIIN’s commitment to being a volunteer-led organization not only fosters a sense of community but shows that when individuals work together great things can happen. 

Thanks to ComUnidad 2024, we accomplished our projects and improved our spaces. Looking at the images included in the newsletter, it might not seem like much but all together, when you arrive in person at BIIN, a more welcoming, brighter, and cheerful environment has been created that will help our clients feel welcomed.