Outreach at BIIN!

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Outreach at BIIN!

Just as football season has begun at A&M this semester, so has Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network’s participation and development in events. At the helm of the wheel is the new outreach coordinator, Freddy Nieto Rodriguez. With a fresh start and new perspective, the outreach team and director plan on creating memorable experiences for our clients.

Jam-packed summarizes our outreach efforts in September. At the start of the month we participated in Bryan Independent School District’s “Back to School Migrant Event.” This event focuses on the aid of migrant families new to BISD. Our participation at this event further lent a hand to our community by not only showcasing our willingness and eagerness to collaborate, but our extensive programs aimed at aiding the immigrants who are part of this migrant program. We thank Angela Rios for extending an invitation to this event, and we applaud her for the success of the event as well. 

Halfway through September, we went all out for “Fiestas Patrias.” A once a year event put on the Hispanic community of Bryan for all. This event not only puts on display the diverse gastronomy of Mexico, but the rich culture that makes Mexicans one of a kind. This event allowed us to showcase ourselves with a vibrant display of papel picado, serape lined tables, and a life size loteria card to draw in the attention of those who passed by. Out there at the event was our Executive Director Ana-Luisa Ortiz, Website and Database Manager Adriana Stowe (along with her husband and child) and lastly the Outreach Coordinator Freddy Nieto. Our resource booth was a success as crowds gathered at the opportunity to play against others on the life size loteria card. Both events in the end allowed us the opportunity to maximize our visibility in the community we serve. The previously mentioned events are just a few of the events that we have participated in that highlight the important groundwork we are doing to connect with our community. 

Fiestas Patrias event with Freddy Nieto Rodriguez, Director Annie Ortiz's daughter, Adriana Stowe, and her husband and child.

As the month of September closes, we look forward to all the events put on by BIIN, and in collaboration with our wonderful partners in October. We have an exciting lineup of informational clinics, and tabling events meant to help provide important resources to the immigrant community of Bryan, Texas. It’s a great year to be a part of the BIIN team, and we hope you keep up with the important work we are doing everyday. 

Thank you Freddy Nieto Rodriguez (BIIN outreach coordinator) for writing this piece and for all your contributions to BIIN!