Immigrant Stories: Luan Felipe Oliveira

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Immigrant Stories: Luan Felipe Oliveira

Meet Luan Felipe Oliveira, a native of Americana, Brazil, whose journey has taken him to various corners of his home country, including Campinas. In fact, it was in Campinas University where he pursued his academic ambitions, earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and later, a Ph.D.  Currently, his family, including his loving wife and daughter, resides in Santa Barbara.

Luan with his wife and daughter.

Following the completion of his Ph.D., Luan yearned for international experience. Serendipitously, he found a research position at Texas A&M, offering him the perfect blend of travel and professional growth. Despite the geographical distance, his heart remains with his family, who continue to reside in Santa Barbara.

Luan made his official move to the Bryan/ College Station area on April first of this year. He states it was quite scary at first, but he has quickly grown fond of the region for several reasons. The warm Texan weather reminds him of Brazil, and the proximity to the beach brings a touch of familiarity to his new surroundings. Additionally, he appreciates the convenient distance to larger cities, particularly Houston, a hub for space research—an area that has always captivated Luan’s professional aspirations. However, what resonates with him most are the people. Luan admires the warmth and friendliness of the locals, who never fail to greet him with kind words and genuine smiles.

Luan and his lab cohorts.

In the midst of his demanding professional commitments, Luan finds a place in BIIN, a space where he can unwind and enjoy leisurely conversations with friends about topics beyond the realm of science. With a packed schedule, most of his time is dedicated to completing projects, making BIIN a cherished time for him. Luan says that the environment created by instructor Chan Wu is a very fun and engaging one, as there is always a new creative activity or topic, and much effort is placed into making sure everyone is included and participating.

His dedication to learning English stems from his desire to better connect with his community. Luan is also taking steps to become a citizen, and he believes the steps he is making towards mastering the language will help him all the more in his citizenship process. He hopes to gain citizenship as there are a plethora more opportunities for scientific research here in the states. In regard to making the big move to the states, his wife and daughter are eagerly anticipating their transition to College Station this November, a decision fueled by this hope of new opportunities and a stronger sense of belonging.