For a decade now, BIIN has served the Brazos Valley:  promoting the human dignity and well-being of all immigrants in our community, by offering classes and programs that meet a variety of needs, advocating for and facilitating access to legal, educational and social services. With the rise of anti-immigrant language and policies and the pandemic’s impact on widening existing disparities, BIIN’s work is even more vital than ever!

Ultimately, it comes down to this:  What kind of world do you want to live in?

One where only some people’s lives matter, or 

one where every human being is valued and treated with dignity?

At BIIN, we believe that immigrants make vital contributions to our community as workers, entrepreneurs, taxpayers, consumers, parents, neighbors, new citizens and more.  

We believe that everyone deserves to benefit from educational opportunities, decent housing, affordable healthcare, fair treatment at work, and to live in peace and security with those whom they love.  

For these reasons, BIIN offers a variety of supports and services to immigrants in the Brazos Valley, including citizenship and English classes, the “Allies in Action” program for parents of school-aged children, workshops on legal issues, individualized referrals and assistance in accessing services through the IRA program, and up to date information in Spanish on COVID-19 testing and public health measures through Línea Amiga, social media and frequent collaborations with local media outlets. 

If you believe that our world is better and our communities are stronger when we value all lives, then show your support for BIIN today:

  • Give now throughout our website at or team up with friends and family to make a collective impact on our peer-to-peer platform

  • Share your commitment to BIIN on social media and in conversations with friends and family. #HandsUpHeartsOpen #ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat

  • Choose BIIN as your non-profit of choice when shopping on Amazon Smile. A portion of proceeds will be automatically returned to BIIN when you do this.

  • Volunteer or choose to support one of our online classes or programs:  

‣ $31 provides books for one student in our English classes 

‣ $109 provides one month of internet service for BIIN

‣ $462 covers the cost of Zoom and other communication technologies needed for one of our online classes or programs for one semester

All donations will be put to good use, to ensure that BIIN is able to continue to serve and support all of our neighbors, regardless of income, language or immigration status. Join us today as we work to create a stronger community and a world that values all human lives.