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Jake Shatzer is a junior at Texas A&M, doing a double major in International Studies and Economics and a minor in Spanish. After studying abroad, Jake was looking for ways to get involved with the local immigrant community and heard about BIIN. In November 2019, Jake started volunteering with BIIN after coming to a Conversational English Class. He has enjoyed meeting BIIN staff and fellow volunteers, and says he’s been especially inspired by the students, who are incredibly friendly and fun to be around. Jake loves interacting with Conversation English Class students and seeing how they support each other.One thing that Jake wishes more people knew about BIIN is that it is very easy to get involved! New volunteers often show up and can jump right in and help out. It’s not necessary for volunteers to speak Spanish — Conversational English Class students are there to practice English, and the teachers make it easy for students and volunteers to work together.  We’re glad that Jake Shatzer found BIIN and keeps coming back. If you’d like to join the fun at Conversational English Classes or other BIIN programs, new volunteers are always welcome!

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