Volunteer Spotlight

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Mark Lacey moved to Bryan, TX from the Washington D.C. area in 2017 after retiring. His parents are missionaries and he grew up in a part of Belize that speaks Spanish where he mastered his second language. After moving to Bryan he joined St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church where he learned about BIIN. He volunteers regularly for our Information, Referral, and Assistance program and he teaches Spanish Citizenship Classes. Since joining BIIN, Mark has become aware of the challenges our local immigrant community faces and he is committed to helping them navigate their new home and connect them with the necessary resources. When Mark is not working at BIIN, he is volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and his church, running with his club, or planning hiking trips. Thank you so much, Mark, for all the important work you do for BIIN, local immigrants, and the community! 

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