Meet Aaron Ackerman: Immigration Lawyer, Longtime Volunteer, and Paralegal Trainer

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Meet Aaron Ackerman: Immigration Lawyer, Longtime Volunteer, and Paralegal Trainer

Situated in Houston, Aaron Ackerman leads a virtual law office, redefining legal services for clients by adopting an innovative approach. The office operates without a physical space, utilizing rented conference rooms based on clients’ accessibility needs. This unique setup enables the firm to offer cost-effective and accessible services. 

Graduating from Baylor Law School in Waco, TX, Ackerman hones his expertise in trial, court proceedings, and procedure. His practical training in the school’s trial lawyer focused curriculum equipped him with practical insights for navigating court proceedings adeptly. 

His venture into volunteer work at Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network commenced in December 2022, inspired by a desire to serve the immigrant and low-income communities. Ackerman’s ties to College Station, where he pursued his undergrad and graduate education, ignited his passion for extending immigration legal services beyond major cities. He recognized the scarcity of crucial services, such as pro-bono lawyers, in smaller towns and wanted to fulfill these needs.

Since then Aaron became an active volunteer in BIIN’s IRA Program. He provided monthly legal clinics, where he contributed to cases involving U-Visas, Asylum, etc… His personal fulfillment lies in addressing the seemingly inconsequential yet impactful needs within the immigration process – translating documents, filing motions, or facilitating address changes – often overlooked, but pivotal in individuals’ legal cases. His stance was mainly monitorial but he hopes to take on more pro-bono cases. 

Thanks to the Texas Bar Foundation Grant, the opportunity of intensifying involvement with BIIN and training paralegals emerged for Ackerman. Initially anticipating solely pro-bono work, he found himself integrated into the grant-supported initiative. Ackerman is now training Tania Barrios and Azuzena Mondragon to become paralegals for BIIN. He aims to equip the new paralegals with comprehensive practical skills beyond legal analysis, alongside essential materials like procedures, checklists, forms and templates. His objective is to guide them through unfamiliar processes and techniques in their initial phase, offering assurance and constructive feedback as they navigate these new endeavors. 

As his engagement with BIIN deepens, his dedication to dissemination of knowledge remains constant, cultivating an atmosphere where assistance and counsel are easily accessible. Whether it’s by offering templates, analyses, or swift consultations, he remains the go-to resource for those seeking guidance, answers, and essential information.  

Ackerman’s extensive work experience in immigration law served as a solid foundation for his role at BIIN. Having navigated various immigration processes, from completing applications to courtroom appearances, he adeptly guides others with his first hand experiences. 

Alongside the paralegals, Aaron envisions a future where his presence becomes redundant – a testament to a successful program. His goal involves equipping the paralegals with comprehensive resources, practical skills, and unwavering support to enable them to independently aid individuals seeking legal assistance. The endgame being to ensure the accessibility of legal aid without financial constraints, such as those of hiring expensive attorneys.