IRA Offers Assurances through Power of Attorney

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IRA Offers Assurances through Power of Attorney

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If you are anticipating being in a situation where you may not be able to act or make decisions on your own, you can establish what is called “a power of attorney,” a legal document that gives someone else the right to act in your place, for you or your dependents.  There are many reasons why an individual might need a power of attorney, yet many people would not know where to start in writing such a document or having it certified under law. 

A resource that BIIN’s Information/Referrals/Assistance (IRA) clinics can offer is that of writing and notarizing a power of attorney document for community members in need. This is exactly what volunteer Mark Lacey helped an individual with during a recent visit to the IRA clinic.  Volunteers Karina Altamirano and Mark Lacey (pictured above) are two of the team of skilled bilingual volunteers who run IRA clinics at the BIIN office on Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm.

On a recent Saturday, a pregnant woman came to the IRA clinic, clearly thinking ahead:  she was experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, and due to give birth in the next two weeks, she anticipated that there might be some hardships related to her pregnancy. She wanted to be able to grant someone she trusted power of attorney for her children in case she became unable to make decisions on their behalf. Volunteer Lacey assured the woman that her request would be of immediate priority, and prepared the power of attorney documents for her children.

BIIN’s IRA team has two volunteers, including Mark Lacey, who are notary publics. Volunteer Lacey notarized the power of attorney documents and gave them to the woman promptly.  This is another example of how BIIN’s IRA program offers timely support to immigrant neighbors in need, at no cost to them, so that they can face life’s challenges with dignity and confidence.

Thanks to spring 2022 IRA intern Gaby Lozano for this account and to volunteer Mark Lacey for his on-going work with the IRA program.