Interns Spring 2023 Lead On

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Interns Spring 2023 Lead On

From left to right: Freddy, José, Minha, Christian, Grace, Nena, and Alyssa at the Spring Intern Orientation.

It’s a new year, and with that comes a new class of interns to help lead BIIN’s programs. With a few returning and many new faces, the BIIN team is ready to serve the community. Different pathways lead everyone to BIIN, and now they are here with other goals and expectations of their respective internships. The Spring 2023 interns share their role at BIIN and their excitement about working with our Immigrant community.

Alyssa Ramos Mora, ESL Intern

I’m Alyssa and I’m a returning English Class intern! I work with native Spanish speakers and help them in their journey in learning English. I first joined BIIN in Fall of 2022. Although interns only stay for one semester, I made the decision to return. What made me want to come back was the environment at BIIN. I really love working with the team. They create a really fun and engaging atmosphere. The most fulfilling part of my internship last fall was connecting with students and learning about their background. I found myself relating to and seeing my family reflected in some of my students.  I am looking forward to helping students in English classes this spring semester because it is really nice to see how students improve over time.

Chanwoo Kim, ESL Intern

My name is Chanwoo, and this semester, I’ll be returning as the English Class Intern! I will work with our Level 3 & 4 students. During the fall semester, I was able to build many relationships with the students coming in for our classes. They have taught me so much and given me a lot of perspective regarding the immigrant community in Bryan. I just knew I wasn’t going to leave them and BIIN for a long time.  The most fulfilling part of my internship last fall was forming genuine friendships with the students coming in for our English classes. Aside from having the opportunity to help them learn English in the classroom, I’ve had coffee and grabbed dinner with some of our students many times throughout the course of the semester. I was able to learn about their lives through meaningful conversations.This semester, I’m looking forward to seeing our students again! I’m excited to come back and catch up on what we’ve been up to since leaving for winter break.

Grace Graham, Outreach and Communications Intern

My name is Grace, at BIIN I am the Communication and Outreach Intern! And I am a communication major at Texas A&M University.  I have participated in an organization where I learned how to lead with having difficult dialogues as a part of normal conversation. I have also moved a lot in my life so I know what it feels like to be a part of a new community and have little to no clue on how to succeed. I want to help others feel comfortable in their new environment. Having moved multiple times in my life, I am no stranger to the feeling of not belonging. I want others to find their way within a new society, environment and space where a sense of togetherness is evident. I truly enjoy Hispanic culture as well. There is an emphasis on family and being intentional with one another that I feel like so many lack in today’s society. I hope to gain knowledge and practice in how to best assist those who are different from me. I want to gain professional skills that will help lead me into nonprofit work in my career.

Christian Gonzalez, Outreach and Communication Intern

My name is Christian and I am an outreach intern! I will be giving presentations at schools and/or churches. A specific skill that I will bring to this role is my fluency in reading, writing and speaking in Spanish. I will be able to communicate and make others feel comfortable in whichever language they choose to use. Being able to further practice my Spanish for my degree in a professional setting is what motivated me to apply to BIIN. Also, I think working with BIIN will be really rewarding for me emotionally.  At BIIN I expect to gain better interpreting skills as well as an experience worth much more, which would be helping those who are in great need.

Minha Shabbir, IRA Intern

I’m Minha and I am the IRA intern! My role at BIIN is to help manage cases, and stay on top and up to date with everything. My specific interests lie in social work so I am really motivated to help people find the resources that they need. I also have really good communication and organization skills. Additionally, I am a child of immigrant parents so I see my family in our clients here at BIIN and I am excited to help out. My career goals are what motivated me to apply for this internship. I am currently pursuing my undergrad in psychology and I want to get a masters in social work afterwards. I want to specifically do medical social work and I think this internship with BIIN will be a good introduction to the field. I expect to gain more confidence in talking in front of and to people from this internship. 

Freddy Nieto Rodriguez, ESL Intern

My name is Freddy and I am an ESL Intern!  I’ve worked in an array of management positions prior to my involvement with BIIN, which means I bring with me strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills. I’m ready to put my skills to use, and get to work! I seeked an opportunity to work at BIIN after leaving my previous job as a manager at a student housing complex. I wanted to utilize the skills, and knowledge I had gained so far as a Spanish major at A&M, and be able to practice, and use the Spanish language as well as the skills learned at the previous jobs I’ve had. I also seeked a job at BIIN due to my interest in being involved with an organization who is growing, shaping, and positively impacting their community everyday.  I for sure see my Spanish improving throughout the internship. I’m excited to develop a better understanding of the immigrant community in Bryan, and what the needs and interests of these individuals are, and how I can positively impact the immigrant community outside of BIIN as I grow and continue to learn from the people around me.

Nena Walton, Grant Writing Intern

Hi my name is Nena! I am an intern for the Grant Writing Committee, and I will be working with In-person Fundraising. I am excited to grow in knowledge of writing and use that to exemplify what BIIN is and advocate for who they support in this community.  I wanted to apply to BIIN because I saw that there was a huge need for greater support for immigrants in the US. When I came across BIIN and their mission, I was so excited to join their team in supporting the immigrant community. There is so much I hope to learn from this experience at BIIN, but specifically I want to learn how to efficiently communicate a message. Additionally, I am excited to work with the immigrant community while gaining greater insight into the inner-workings of a non-profit.

Thanks to Spring 2023 intern Minha Shabbir for putting this profile of the team together

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