Good Luck to Our Graduating Interns

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Good Luck to Our Graduating Interns

Another one of our interns graduated this semester, and we would like to highlight his experience at BIIN. Originally from Dallas, TX, Jonathan Cortez dedicated his time and efforts at BIIN from September 2022 to May 2023. He primarily served in our ESL classes as an intern. Although this internship was meant to last a semester, Jonathan decided to extend his stay with us.

Jonathan Cortez (ESL Intern)

Jonathan completed his internship in Fall 2022, but decided to stay at BIIN for another semester. He attributes this decision to the bond he had formed with the BIIN team, such as other interns, Viviana, and the students, stating, “I had become so attached to them that I wanted to continue helping in any form that I could.” He also said that getting a chance to help immigrants in the community that have a similar background to his parents is what attracted him to our organization in the first place. He looked forward to being able to “help them in their journey in this country.”

Jonathan tabling with a fellow intern.

When looking back on his time here, Jonathan recalls the many memorable interactions and experiences he had. One experience he had with BIIN was at an outreach event. He had many people recognize him from the community. He loved, “being able to provide more information to people about our services and seeing that someone they could easily communicate with was there to help.” Also, with a student in his ESL class, Jonathan remembers when they would specifically ask him for help when they did not feel comfortable asking anyone else:

They would always talk to me about their day and personal life just to have someone to talk to in the classes. We got so close that they actually attended my graduation party back home.

Jonathan with his ESL class.

Now that he has graduated, Jonathan plans to go straight into the workforce. He wants to go into Human Resources, specifically with a focus in administration or management. He believes that his experience at BIIN will help him by, “using the skills such as working with a team on important tasks, working with students and learning how to communicate with them based on their needs, and keeping up with information on the database.”

Jonathan with a graduation gift from his fellow interns.

For his final remarks, Jonathan would like students at BIIN to know that “they have grown so much from the time I started interning at BIIN and they should all be proud of all the progress they have made. I will greatly miss them and will always take the memory of them everywhere I go. They should never give up even though they face many challenges. I am rooting for them all the way!” We are all rooting for you here at BIIN, Jonathan.

One last thank you to Jonathan for your time and dedication while at BIIN. Your service here was very appreciated and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! 

Thank you to Viviana for interviewing and writing this story.

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