Faces of BIIN: Melanie Noyola

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Faces of BIIN: Melanie Noyola

At BIIN, we consistently highlight the interns who form part of the BIIN team. Our interns are integral to helping us reach our goals, complete our projects, and share our mission with the community of Bryan, College Station. This semester we have had the luck of having one of our outreach interns return to serve for a second semester. We are excited to highlight our returning outreach intern, Melanie Noyola. 

Melanie Noyola has now been two semesters at BIIN working as an outreach intern. She is currently a senior at Texas A&M University working on a Degree in communications with a minor in Spanish. As an outreach intern, Melanie has been able to work directly with our outreach coordinator and website and database manager. Melanie has shown tenacity and determination on every task she has collaborated on at BIIN. 

As Melanie heads towards graduation she has gained so much experience through her role at BIIN and her role as a student at Texas A&M University. When it comes to her role at BIIN, she has gotten to see through her own eyes the significance, importance, and presence of the Bryan/College Station immigrant community. Bryan/College Station is a melting pot of immigrants of so many different backgrounds, and getting to serve in an organization focused on helping the immigrant community has been amazing for Melanie. She has also gotten to advocate and provide necessary resources for immigrant families. In both her roles, Melanie has become highly skilled in her time management, learning to juggle her school, internship, social life, and extracurricular activities all at the same time. 

As Melanie looks forward to the future, she hopes to continue creating and curating unique opportunities and events for the immigrant community through BIIN. Before she leaves, she hopes to further spread the word about the many resources provided at BIIN.

We at BIIN have been extremely fortunate to have someone as determined and hardworking as Melanie join our team. We hope that with the months left before graduation, we can continue to create unique outreach opportunities with Melanies’ help. 

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