Brazos County Nonprofit Mixer

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Brazos County Nonprofit Mixer

The Brazos County Nonprofit Mixer was an event hosted by the First Baptist Bryan Outreach Team for many of the nonprofits in the community to come table in hopes of sharing the many services offered to those in Brazos County. It was an opportunity for the community to come to the mixer and see what was available to them, in hopes of supporting those in this community. There were many nonprofits that met a multitude of unique needs. The mixer was not only for the community to learn more about the services available to them, but it was also an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to meet one another to possibly partner in the future.

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Spring 2023 intern Grace getting ready to speak to members of the Bryan community.

Founded in 2010, the Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network (BIIN) is a community-based organization dedicated to promoting the human dignity and well-being of all immigrants in Brazos County. As well as advocating for and facilitating better access to legal, educational, and social services. We believe that improved access to these services contributes to the well-being of the entire community. BIIN is unique because it is the only organization in Brazos County solely dedicated to serving the immigrant community through education, support, and resources. Most people who seek BIIN’s services are low-income, and nearly all speak Spanish as their first language. We offer all of our services in both English and Spanish and free of charge to any immigrant who seeks help without regard to income, language, or any other factors. The three primary programs currently offered by BIIN and led by its volunteers are the Information, Referral, and Assistance (IRA) program, Citizenship classes, and Conversational English classes

Like many other nonprofits who attended the Brazos County Nonprofit Mixer, BIIN was there in hopes of sharing their services with more people in the community. The event soon became a valuable networking opportunity as many nonprofits came together to plan future collaborations. In fact, BIIN left with the contact information of many other nonprofits who are already planning future events together in hopes of expanding their client base and giving their community more opportunities.

In early March, Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network was invited to attend the Brazos County Nonprofit Mixer. Hosted by the First Baptist Bryan community outreach team, they opened up their space to encourage and show the local community the multitude of ways in which they can receive help. All of the nonprofits set up their tables to offer snacks, games, and information about each. Not only was it an opportunity for people to find more information about help available to them, but many of the nonprofit organizations were able to mingle amongst each other. Many connections were made between each and many future partnerships were cultivated. The Brazos County Nonprofit Mixer was a picture of what it looks like for nonprofits to thrive in a community, where they are able to present to their clients what they offer while also working together to strengthen their effectiveness.

The interns at BIIN were able to talk to many other nonprofits and exchange contact information, while on the other hand they also spoke to us to learn more about what we bring to the community.  Everyone walked away from the experience having gained something if it was new clients, new partnerships, or new opportunities; the Brazos Valley Nonprofit Mixer was an important occasion for greater growth in the community.

As BIIN created these relationships and continued to cultivate them, BIIN was able to create one new outreach event for the month of April. BIIN plans to continue to partner with other nonprofits for services and outreach events. As an organization, BIIN has grown in the past two months in their networking with other nonprofits.

Thank you to the BIIN Grant Writing intern, Nena Walton and to Spring 2023 intern Grace Graham for editing this piece.

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