BIIN Gives Thanks!

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BIIN Gives Thanks!

It’s the time of year when everywhere we turn, we are invited to express our gratitude.  Here are some of the people and things that we at BIIN are grateful for, as 2021 comes to a close:

  • The people of all backgrounds and languages who participate in BIIN’s classes and programs, working hard to reach their dreams, while continuing to support their families and contribute to the community in countless ways: as employees, entrepreneurs, customers, tenants, home owners, parents, taxpayers, voters and neighbors!

  • The exceptional volunteers who give direction to BIIN’s programs, week after week, as lead teachers, coordinators, and go-to troubleshooters, or who provide leadership and structure to specific teams or committees

  • The many volunteers whose gifts of time and talent enable us to serve our neighbors in need, especially those who come back again and again to help in specific roles

  • The volunteers who serve on BIIN’s board, helping to ensure the organization’s sustainability and responsiveness to community needs, and many of whom give as individual donors and also serve as program or team leaders or on committees

  • The interns who help run BIIN’s programs a semester at a time, bringing energy, insight and valuable skills to the work that we do in the community and behind the scenes

  • The staff who work steadfastly to keep operations and communications going, and to support interns, volunteers and clients in myriad ways

  • The sustaining donors and community partners who commit to supporting BIIN’s work through regular donations, community grants and in-kind gifts

  • The foundations and local business partners who have given grants, matching gifts and special funds to sustain BIIN’s operations and leverage fundraising campaigns, in particular: the Joyce Nies and Peter Witt Foundation, Davis and Davis Lawyers, the Waldon H. and Adele Orr Charitable Trust, the Community Foundation of the Brazos Valley, and the Strategic Philanthropy program at TAMU’s Mays Business School, all of whom have made grants or gifts to BIIN in 2021!

  • All of BIIN’s donors, whose generosity enables us to keep the lights on and the doors open to welcome our neighbors in need!

BIIN would not exist without the talents, commitments and contributions of many people and many different forms of support.  Thank you to everyone who inspires and enables us to welcome and serve immigrants across the Brazos Valley.

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