BIIN’s Information, Referral, and Assistance (IRA) program is the heart of our organization but many people do not know what sort of problems our dedicated volunteers help with so we will start sharing some of those stories with you every month or two. In October a local family came to the office and told the volunteers their electrical cables and box were pulled off their home by a delivery truck. The woman heard a noise outside her house that sounded strangely like thunder, and she went outside to check what had happened only to see the truck driving away with disconnected cables sending sparks everywhere. The company refused to pay for the damages and even said the truck was not in the area on that date. Upon investigating, BIIN learned the truck was indeed in the neighborhood that day and had made a delivery to a store down the road from our client’s house around the same time of the accident. BIIN volunteers sent a letter to the company demanding reimbursement of all the repair costs, suggesting small claims court would be their next step. The company agreed to settle for the amount requested. IRA volunteers further assisted the family in understanding the property damage release they were to sign and notarized their document to settle the matter. They will receive their reimbursement once the company obtains the notarized signed release. It is stories like these that serve as the foundation for why BIIN exists: to respond to the needs of the immigrant community in the Brazos Valley. If you speak Spanish and would like to join the incredible IRA volunteer team to help clients with similar problems, please email