This semester we are so grateful for our four Texas A&M student interns.

Katherine J. Hernandez ’18
Howdy! My name is Katherine Hernandez, I am a Senior Spanish major with minors in English and Hispanic Studies. I decided to intern with BIIN because immigration surrounds my everyday life. Being an immigrant myself, I’ve learned that advocating for rights of those who can’t speak up, doesn’t always mean protests. It can mean Citizenship Classes or providing resources to help improve the everyday lives of this community.






Carolina Zarate ’19
Howdy! My name is Carolina Zarate and I am a junior Sociology major with minors in Philosophy and English. I decided to intern with BIIN because I constantly see how hardworking and persevering immigrants truly are. I wanted to help provide the immigrant community as many opportunities as I can to help them achieve the dreams and passions they came to this country to pursue.










Jorge Vela ’17
My name is Jorge Vela and I am a senior Psychology and Spanish double major with minors in History and Sociology. I decided to intern with BIIN because all of my future endeavors consist of helping my Latinx immigrant communities I just became a naturalized citizen myself, and felt the need to start helping my community especially with a program that greatly impacts the Latinx community.






Raul Dominguez-Cruz ’18
Raul is serving as our IRA intern this semester. He is a senior Spanish major at Texas A&M, and is an immigrant, first generation college student working to provide for his wife. Raul began his career with BIIN as a volunteer through citizenship classes, and wanted to be more involved with the program because of the impact he had already seen BIIN have.

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