Who Are We?                                                                         
We are people, called by our faith, working to serve and support the immigrant community in Brazos County.  We seek to facilitate better access to legal, educational and social services for the immigrant population, who otherwise may not receive them. We believe that improved access  to these services will contribute to the well-being of the immigrant population of Brazos County and therefore of the entire community.
 What is the Need?
Immigrants in Brazos County encounter a variety of challenges to establishing full and productive lives among us. They are what the Bible calls strangers in a strange land.
Immigrants may be:
  • bewildered by language and cultural barriers
  • denied basic services because they don’t understand rules and procedures
  • unpaid for their work by unscrupulous employers
  • injured on the job, without insurance or recourse
  • scammed into illegal or unfair purchases, both large and small
As the immigrant population in Brazos County grows, there is an increasing need to promote the human dignity and the well-being of all members of our community. 
What Do We Offer?
We provide three main services not currently available in the Brazos Valley area:
  • Information and referral services for immigrants, regardless of legal status;
  • Information for the larger community about the immigrant community and its needs, and
  • Immigration information and services provided by our volunteers, in cooperation with private attorneys and attorneys and staff from Catholic Charities Legal Immigration Services.
How Can You or Your Organization Help?
Organizations can. . .Become partner by helping to recruit volunteers,  providing direct donations,  sponsoring fund-raising activities, or making in-kind donations of services or resources.
Individuals can. . . .Volunteer at the information and referral center, located at 107 Williamson Drive, Bryan, TX 77801
Individuals can. . . volunteer to be on call as
  •    interpreters
  •    school system liaisons
  •    agency liaisons
  •    community advocates for the immigrant community
  •    teachers and tutors for ESL and Citizenship classes