Cecelia Hawkins – Executive Committee Chair

Mary Campbell – Executive Committee Finance Vice-Chair

Jeff Olsenholler – Executive Committee Secretary, Treasurer

Els Marquez – Immigrant Liaison, Immigrant Liaison Team CDL Reporting Leader

Antonio Caraballo – Immigrant Liaison, IRA Team and Immigrant Liaison Team

Gloria Agudelo – Immigrant Liaison, Immigrant Liaison Team Chair

Aimar Diaz – Student Liaison, Outreach Team

Mary Lenn Dixon – Outreach Chair, At large

Zuleika Carrasco-Martinez – Finance, At large

Nancy Plankey-Videla – Executive Committee, At large

Maribel Ramirez Hinojosa – Finance, At large

Clotilde Pichon – Volunteer Coordinator and IRA Team Chair, At large

Teresa Gonzalez – Immigrant Liaison Team, At large

Carol Goldsmith – Outreach, At large

Stacy Eisenstark – Communications Chair, At large

Jackie Zimmerman – Fundraising Chair, At large